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True Neapolitan Pizza
with AVPN certification through the Naples headquarters

The most recognized historic pizza in the world. 

The training aims to convey the essential notions for undertaking a qualified craft work and learning the Neapolitan technique. 

A AVPN certificate of attendance will be issued from Naples Headquarter.


 Pizza Maker for one day

It doesn't matter if you are here for fun, your Team Building or to learn how to amaze your friends at home...
Roll up your sleeves and be ready to get your hands into your dough,    


Full immersion journey into the world of pizza.

Contemporary Pizza 
Innovation and Sustainability

New era of pizza with Biga, Poolish and modern attitude in the Pizza market.

The concept of sustainability in the world of food is constantly growing and is a fundamental factor in the future of pizza production processes. Pizzeria and cuisine are travelling together in new taste and healthy experiences. Contemporary pizza means modeling tradition in a modern and sustainable way.


Traditional Italian Gelato

The GELATO business never stops, a basic course in traditional Italian Gelato is suitable for beginners, professional ice cream makers and new entrepreneurs.
The Traditional Italian Gelato course deliver the essential skills to become a master of NATURAL gelato, starting from the selection of ingredients without the use of chemical premixes.
Check the schedule.

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With the guidance of our Pastry Chef Alessandro Bartesaghi, we learn to make it with traditional techniques aimed at reproducing those flavours and aromas that are far better than factory-packed products. You will be surprised at the difference between artisanal and industrial Panettone.

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Gluten Free
Pizza, Focaccia, Bread

The Gluten Free Pizza, Bread, and Focaccia course allows you to learn how to prepare dough for bread-making and pizzeria, like you've never done before. Suitable for all people with personal needs or for those who want to enrich the offer in their own menu/business. Today the Gluten Free market is expanding not only to meet intolerant and celiac needs, but because more and more people are turning to a gluten-free diet.

Image by Louis Hansel

Pizza classica

A long journey to start in the right way. 

The Training Pizza Classica is a gateway for everyone who wants to learn the pizza process as their own new career. It is especially for anyone who has never been a pizza maker rather than for someone who already has minimum experience, as well as for the entrepreneurs who are interested in investing in this Industry.


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Traditional Croissant & Brioche

By participating in this course, with our very experienced Pastry Chef Alessandro Bartesaghi, you will assimilate the manual and theorical notions for producing your own artisanal Croissant and Brioche, from the organization of the laboratory to the choice of raw materials. Using your vision of taste, you will learn how to produce it properly and without mistakes.

Book Your Pizza-Making Course in Sydney

Pizza-making is a craft like no other. White Art is proud to offer pizza-making courses. We tailor our tuition for the Australian market but still have an Italian cooking ethos in our hearts. We provide a pizza-making course in Sydney for people looking to learn a few tricks of the trade or for those who want to open their own pizzeria.

Mastering something as simple as a five-ingredient pizza takes years of practice. Luckily, our Italian cooking course breaks down the process into two essential modules. Our qualification starts with a six-hour fundamentals curriculum that covers the basic theory in detail before letting you loose in the kitchen. 


More About Our Italian Cooking Course – The Theory

Making authentic Italian pizza well requires understanding and know-how. The theoretical course includes the following:

  • An introduction to Neapolitan pizza and the history behind the world’s yummiest dish

  • The dos and don’ts of dough preparation, from dry ingredients to wet dough

  • The pizza production chain - flour, yeast, salt, tomato, cheese, olive oil, salt

  • The magic part - cooking techniques for different oven types

Benissimo! Now that you have the relevant knowledge, you’re ready to make your pizza.

A Breakdown of Our Hands-on Pizza-Making Courses

We’ve designed our 30-hour practical laboratory to teach you the precise skills you need to become a pizza master, including activities such as:

  • Preparing the dough, ingredient ratios, hydration, and resting methods.

  • Formation and manipulation of the dough to create the disc shape.

  • How to organise your workspace - oven use, shovels, and baking temperatures.

  • Precise cooking methods.

  • Cleaning down - a clean chef is a happy chef.


So, why wait? Find out how to enjoy homemade Italian pizza today.


Become a Qualified Pizza God With Our Pizza Cooking Course 

Students sit a theoretical and practical assessment at the end of their studies. If successful, graduates receive a certification of participation in our intensive 36-hour pizza cooking course programme. The recognition confirms they have completed their training on preparing a “True Neapolitan Pizza”. Email us now to discuss booking your place on our exceptional pizza-making course in Sydney.

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