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Gluten Free
Pizza - Focaccia - Bread

The Gluten Free Pizza, Bread, and Focaccia course allows you to learn how to prepare dough for bread-making and pizzeria, like you've never done before. Suitable for all people with personal needs or for those who want to enrich the offer in their own menu/business. Today the Gluten Free market is expanding not only to meet intolerant and celiac needs, but because more and more people are turning to a gluten-free diet.

The course for Gluten Free Pizza Bread and Focaccia is designed for professionals and beginners to meet the needs of the modern market, White Art aims to deliver the fundamental skills for the processing of gluten-free products by mastering the necessary techniques. The pride of this course is the processing of gluten-free Biga to enrich the organoleptic characteristics to make more fragrant and increasingly pleasant products.

What's the plan

Duration training

2 days

9 am to 4 pm
14 hours, divided in: 12 hours of Laboratory-School and 2 hours of Theory.


The training aims to convey the essential notions for undertaking a qualified craft work and learning the different techniques. The course is structured as follows: 

Theory (2 hours):

• The row ingredients chain: Flour, water, salt, Yeast;

• Biga: why and how;

• Legislative information to produce gluten free products;

• Recognize the quality of the primary toppings: Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese and Oil.


Laboratory (12 hours)

• Preparation of the dough by hand and with the mixer;

• Preparation of the BIGA for the following day;

• Forming of the dough for Bread, round Pizza and for Focaccia;

• Manipulation and drafting of the dough shape;

• Setting and preparation of topping ingredients;

• Organization of the oven - ignition, setting, for baking according to the optimal temperature parameters;

• Cleaning of tools.


Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued certifying participation in an intensive 14-hour training on the “Gluten-free Pizza Focaccia Bread course”. The certificate is private and does not authorize the use of the WHITE ART trademark.


Min 4 - Max 8

Uniform supplied


 White Art uniform set

$ 850.00

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