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Perfect Pizza Making Class in Sydney

Something incredibly primal happens inside a pizza oven: a glorious chemical reaction that touches our souls in a way that words cannot. How do those simple, humble ingredients create such an overpoweringly scrumptious culinary experience? We all know how to describe how a pizza smells just out of the oven, but do our words ever do it justice? We think not.

The aroma of fresh pizza is a kind of “knowing” shared by all human beings lucky enough to have a nose. Don’t worry; our pizza-making class in Sydney has you covered.

Pizza Cooking Classes: From Novice to Master

If you’ve always wanted to be able to create perfect Neapolitan pizza at home, then you are on the right page. Our “True Neapolitan Pizza” course teaches beginners everything they need to know to create world-class, authentic pizzas at home. Our pizza cooking classes in Sydney take pizza creation very seriously. We have designed a course that thoroughly covers both the theory and the practical side.

A Breakdown of Our Hands-on Pizza-Making Courses

Our detailed and professionally designed pizza cooking classes train our students to become competent, proficient pizza makers. Another crucial part of our business ethos is sustainability and conscious cooking. We keep traditional methodology and responsible cookery close to our hearts as we teach you the knowledge and skills to create our signature Neapolitan pizza recipe.


Course Structure - Neapolitan Pizza-Making

Our pizza-making course is two-part in structure. First, you’ll spend six glorious hours immersed in the theory of pizza making. We include everything from the history of the world’s favourite pie to the technical stuff, such as the precious dough’s maturation, fermentation, and leavening.

Next, you’ll progress to the hands-on bit, the real magic of the pizza-making process. You’ll study how to make pizza dough, knead it to perfection, craft a tasty, tangy red sauce, and, most importantly, how to cook your creation to perfection.

Book a Pizza-Making Course Now

After you receive your pizza-making class in Sydney certificate, we’re sure you’ll be raring to get into your kitchen. Drop us a line to book your place on our next available course or inquire about our pizza-making products or services.

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