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Welcome everyone to "your" blog White Art Stories.

But does the world really need another blog and other digital pages full of words?


Certainly not. However, this small virtual square wants to reveal everything that is hidden in the hospitality industry. Through interviews, statements and stories from sector operators, we will try to convey to the readers the reality behind what the customer see when go out to eat. The life of cooks and managers, the journey of the products served and of those who manage them, importers and distributors of the sector and their commitment to ensure that the dishes we seek are on our tables.

The main feature of White Art Stories is that the interviewees and interviewers are on the same boat, here there are no journalists thinking about how to sell an article, here we will find professionals in the food sector chatting with colleagues, sincere questions looking for true answers .

White Art Stories belongs to all those who participate, it is a place open to all, where everyone can interact with questions, requests, opinions and where everyone can share their vision.

You can be part of this channel to inform customers of how our world really works and what we do for them every day. Send your story, a special recipe or simply what you think the people should know about you or our industry, attach your sript, one or more photos and our editorial staff, once approved, will work on it.

by submitting your article you authorize White Art to use the review and publication of the material submitted, you accept that the publication is at the sole discretion of the publisher

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