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Contemporary Pizza 
Innovation and sustainability

This course suitable for beginners and pizza makers, aims to offer basic training combined with different approaches to the classic world of pizza. The concept of sustainability in the world of food is constantly growing and is a fundamental factor in the future of pizza production processes. Pizzeria and cuisine are traveling  together in new taste and healthy experiences. 
Contemporary pizza means modeling tradition in a modern and sustainable way.

What's the plan

Duration training

4 days training: BIGA - MULTIGRAIN PIZZA - BREAD

22 hours, divided in: 18 hours of Laboratory-School and 4 hours of Theory.


The training aims to convey the essential notions for undertaking a qualified craft work applied to the new CONTEMPORARY Pizza concept. The course is structured as follows: 

Theory (4 hours):

• Introduction to the Pizza Market; offert and needs: local produce, quality of the ingredients, sustainability;

• The meaning of Contemporary: not just topping and platting;

• Construction and innovation of the future of the pizza;

• Pizza and cuisine: introduction to the main ingredients: Water, Salt, Yeast, Flour;

• The BIGA: What is the Biga?  Why it should be preferred to industrial yeast and how to prepare it;

• How to determinate the recipe. Food cost.

Laboratory (18hours)

• How to determinate the recipe:  tools, use of ingredients;

• Preparation of the dough: how to determinate the temperature, how to use the BIGA;

• Different techniques for a Classic and MULTI GRAIN dough;

• Preparation and baking of BREAD made with mature dough;

• Manipulation and drafting of the pizza dough shape;

• Dough management;

• Preparation and organization of FENCY TOPPINGS;

• Cooking according to the optimal temperature parameters;

• Difference in cooking with different temperatures and analysis of the results;

• Cleaning of tools.

Certificate of Attendance and Final Test

At the end of the course, a certificate of attendance will be issued certifying participation in an intensive 22-hour training on the “Contemporary Pizza”. The certificate is private and includes the grade obtained in the final test provided for participants which consists of a theoretical / practical test for the preparation of a classic pizza.


Min 4 - Max 6

Uniform supplied


White Art uniform set

$ 980

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