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We should be honest. Getting to the creation of a classic panettone made with sourdough isn't just magic, it's a goal that no one should give up just because they think it's complicated. Who said that?

Panettone, soft, fluffy, fragrant and delicious, represents the excellence of Italian sweets, in recent years it has conquered the market of many countries around the world and today, even in Australia, it is increasingly becoming a recognized and appreciated product.

With the guidance of our Pastry Chef , we learn to make it with traditional techniques aimed at reproducing those flavours and aromas that are far better than factory-packed products. You will be surprised at the difference between artisanal and industrial Panettone.

What's the plan

Duration training

3 days  

9 am to 4 pm
20 hours of Laboratory - Theory.


This intensive course is aimed at those who want to learn the true art of Panettone for commercial or personal purposes

The training aims to convey the essential notions for undertaking a qualified craft work and learning the  techniques . The course is structured as follows: 

• The ingredients of a successful panettone;

• Sourdough and leavening;

• Yeast management techniques;

• Kneading operations, first and second dough processing techniques;

• Construction of the traditional panettone;

• Shaping;

• Leavening;

• Cooking and cooling;

• Storage.


Certificate of Attendance 

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued certifying participation in an intensive 14-hour training on the “Panettone course”. The certificate is private and does not authorize the use of the WHITE ART trademark.


Min 4 - Max 8

Uniform supplied


White Art uniform set

$ 1600,00

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