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Traditional Croissant & Brioche

The Traditional Croissant and Brioche course is designed for all those who want to learn about this historical product (Croissant 17th century in Vienna – Brioche 16th century in France) spread all over the world, for a new profession, business or for those who want to learn for themselves.

By participating in this course, with our very experienced Pastry Chef , you will assimilate the manual and theorical notions for producing your own artisanal Croissant and Brioche, from the organization of the laboratory to the choice of raw materials. Using your vision of taste, you will learn how to produce it properly and without mistakes.

What's the plan

Duration training

3 days

9 am to 4 pm
20 hours of Laboratory-School and Theory.


The training aims to convey the essential notions for undertaking a qualified craft work and learning the different techniques. The course is structured as follows: 

 What are Croissant and Brioche: technical and organoleptic differences;

 Raw materials and ingredients to produce health and fresh products;

 How to build a recipe;

 Croissant and Brioche production techniques;

 Selection, operation and use of equipment;

 Mixing of doughs: construction of recipes;

 leavening: times, temperatures, processes;

 Butter: types and lamination;

 Folds with professional sheeter and by hand;

 Moulding: classic shapes for Croissants and Brioches;

 Cooking: times and temperatures;

 Fillings: Some examples of fillings to stimulate your creativity;

 Production management: cooling and storage;


Certificate of Attendance

At the end of the course a certificate of attendance will be issued certifying participation in an intensive 20-hour training on the “Traditional Croissant & Brioche course”. The certificate is private and does not authorize the use of the WHITE ART trademark.


Min 4 - Max 8

Uniform supplied


 White Art uniform set

$ 1400.00

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