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360° Assistance

Are you a company or a start up and you need a fast and customized support for your budget ?


White Art Team supports you, from the early stages of creation of the company, developing a custom Start Up plan for your Business. From the choice of suppliers and equipment, from raw materials to crew training, to the marketing of your shop, the Start-Up regards every aspect of your Pizzeria. It is no longer the time to improvise, the contemporary market demands efficiency and characterization.

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A Pizzeria is not simply the place where to produce and sell pizzas!

A well organized structure with functional spaces, a rich and suitable menu, analysis of raw materials, marketing, planning of objectives, a place suitable for your personality and for your format, choice of equipment and training, are only part of the overall success.


Tell us about your story, ideas and your format, here there is an entire team ready to support your project    

You are in the centre of it all


Accounting assistance

Accounting assistance is a professional service that helps companies to manage their business more efficiently. Accountants can provide a range of services, including Business start up, tax advice and accounting management. Accounting and finance management are essential for any activity. An accountant can help business owners monitor their accounts, better understand the laws, saving time and money.

Professional Training

Training as a strategic path for entrepreneurial development.
The acquisition of new skills and professionalism by the business crew, becomes a strategic lever, an indispensable advantage to remain competitive on the market, increase the level of customer satisfaction and face new market challenges with skills and abilities. Staff training increases the value of the company, improves the corporate image, increases the motivation of the personal.

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Commercial Interior Design Service

The phase that leads from conception to the creation of a shop is electrifying and, at the same time, complex. During this journey, expectations and dreams collide with reality, triggering doubts and uncertainties: Am I doing the right thing? Will I be able to differentiate myself from the others?  The success of an activity, in fact, depends on a mix of factors. One of these factors is the ability to create suitable environments, designing spaces and selecting only the appropriate equipment.

Web marketing and Socials

Any business built with enthusiasm and effort needs to present itself to the relevant market.
Social media and web marketing are amazing forms of marketing. Relying on social media marketing gives the opportunity to obtain two fundamental results for a company, which quickly translates into an increase in turnover.

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Professional Food Service 

We know that every business has its particular needs and it is often complicated to build a menu with the right quality and price ingredients, which is why our food suppliers are ready to study your priorities and specifications. So, to make sure we provide you with the best possible support, we ask you just one question:

What kind of menu do you want your customers to thank you for?

Promotional Packages for Pizzeria Equipment

Commercial equipment, pizza tools & accessories, we are proud to be partner to the Australia’s most reputable suppliers of pizza, bakery, gelato and catering equipment with a wide range of products and brands suitable for both the largest restaurant and smallest cafe or pizzeria. Our brands of commercial pizza and bakery, Dome, deck, convection and conveyors ovens, refrigeration, ice systems gelato machines and displays, pizza tools and much more. 

Contact us to discover more!


Fill out the questionnaire or request a free consultation.
We will find, with you, the most suitable solution for your needs and your budget.


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PH: 045 656 5794  - 0405513701

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